University Gigs


I hope you’re well? I’m having a lovely summer – I’ve just been to Edinburgh and am enjoying myself visiting lots of festivals! It’s been great. Now, I know lots of you have to go back to Uni after the summer – boo! However, I am planning on making it far more fun! I have booked a few University gigs this autumn. A list is below – come to the shows and say hello – it’ll probably be myself and a couple of other comics for you to LOL and ROFL at for a night! I’m also back doing lots of comedy clubs, so keep your eye out for my name!


16th – Roehampton University (two shows)

23rd – Northampton University

25th – Nottingham University


2nd – Kingston University

7th – University of Kent

20th – Aberystwyth University


11th – Manchester Metropolitan University

12th – Leeds University

See you there, hopefully! If I’m not coming to your uni – get on my mailing list as I’ll be back on tour next year and will no doubt come near to you!

Matt x

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