Fake Reaction & Radio 1 Clip & Something Exciting coming!

Good Morning! Oh wait, no. Afternoon. Good Afternoon!

I will be appearing on Fake Reaction on ITV2 on Thursday this week (27th Feb) at 10pm – tune in and have a look at whats going on. It was a real laugh and it proves that Matt Edmonson and I are different people.

Also, Below is the clip of the set I did on Radio 1 last week on ‘The Phil and Alice Show’ it was really fun and a pleasure to go on the show.


Matt Richardson on Phil and Alice Show Radio 1


I also popped up on The Brits Red Carpet show on ITV2 last week – have a look to see my face saying rude things in between Laura Whitmore looking fitter than anything ever. So have a look to see if that’s knocking around on ITV player.

One last thing – I will be making an announcement this week about a cool new exciting TV series I’m involved in – stay tuned to hear about that!

Have a great week

Matt xx

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