Citation Needed

Hello and Happy New Year!

I realise we’re 24 days in, but I’m still saying it in real life.

In 2013 I made a podcast. It had six episodes and was called ‘Citation Needed’ – it had tens of thousands of downloads and was mega fun to make. I couldn’t quite believe it to be honest, I made it for a bit of fun! We had great guests (Romesh Ranganathan, Caroline Flack, Charlie Sloth, Joel Dommett etc etc) which helped hugely. You can listen to series 1 here:

Well, I’ve decided to record another series and am really excited! This time, we are doing the records in front of a live audience! I’d love it if you came to watch me and some famous people chat shit. We have great guests booked (Jameela Jamil, Chris Stark and Jimmy Bullard to name but three) and it’ll be ace. Each show will see two episodes be recorded and it’ll be fun and an excuse to drink mid-week.

Tickets are available below:

Tuesday 27th Jan –

Wednesday 28th Jan –

Tuesday 3rd Feb – COMING SOON

Wednesday 4th Feb – COMING SOON

See you there!

Matt x

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