BBC Radio 1 – The Phil and Alice Show Monday 17th Feb


I am striving to use this more. It’s a wasted feature otherwise.

So, tonight I will be on The Phil and Alice show on BBC Radio 1 in the ‘LOL’ Lounge (Like the Live Lounge but for stand-ups, yeah?!) at 10pm. I’ll be talking about ‘school’ because you can’t explicitly tell anyone you’re going to talk about wanking. You have to name it school and let them all work it out for themselves.

Do tune in and listen, I’ve never met Phil but Alice is very lovely and it’ll be really ace to be on their show. I’m also on with a chap called Pat Cahill who is very surreal, deadpan and creatively respected. The opposite of me and my jokes about touching myself.

It’ll be fun and the like!


Matt x

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